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Auto Feeding Machine


  • 1. Improve production speed - it can be matched with packaging machine and automatic production line, and automatic feeding conveyor belt can be added without manual continuous feeding, effectively improving output value, stable feeding, discharging, and material distribution operations.
  • 2. Wide range of usability - can be equipped with a separate conveyor belt to install a jet printer (jet printing on paper, paper, card and plastic bags in the carton), or with a labeling machine (top stick type), horizontal packaging machine and other connection requirements, and packaging machine Device synchronization job.
  • 3. High supportability - It can be matched with various packaging equipment to improve production efficiency, reduce manual labor, and achieve production efficiency.


  • 1. Used for cards, paper, game cards, cartons, manuals, various types of plastic bags without static electricity ( PE bags, aluminum foil pouch, zipper bags), etc…….


  • 1. Speed: Setting type / adjustable (depending on the setting range of the mode)
  • 2. Material placement system: The unloading materials can be concentrated and then placed on the conveyor belt of the packaging machine (applicable to packaging products with multiple packages per package).
  • 3. Counter: It can be set and adjusted arbitrarily, up to 5 digits, and it will stop automatically when the specified number is reached. ( According to PLC mode setting)
  • 4. The man-machine interface is simple and easy to understand, the feeding speed and the number of feeding sheets can be adjusted, and it can be connected to automatic machinery and equipment for online operation.


Speed The speed varies according to product features and dimensions
Material Size Feeding Weight 50mm-550mm, < Can Be Customized
Thickness 0.5-5mm
Controller PLC Man-machine Interface
Driver Servo Motor
Power Supply 110V / 220V , 50/60Hz
Machine Dimensions 625(L)x450(W)x500(H)mm
< Width size will vary according to feed size>
Machine Material Stainless Steel / Aluminum
Device Emergency stop switch